Facelifts in men

    Although a Facelift is similar for men and women there are some features which are different. The most important are shaving, bleeding and position of the scar.

    Because the skin is moved upwards and backwards, the hair bearing skin is moved behind the ear. This is not a big problem if you use an electric razor but if you use a safety razor it will take some time to get used to shaving this area. Most doctors do not recommend that you have your hair cut just before surgery. Extra length may allow you to conceal the scars more easily. Some men may need to change their hair style, for example growing sideburns, to hide the incisions.

    The second issue is blood supply to the skin. It is greater in men. So men are more likely to have a collection of blood called a hematoma after surgery. This may need surgery to remove.

    In men the scar is usually placed in front of the ear and along the hairline behind the ear